About Us:

At Bull Reef Aquaculture, we're passionate about cultivating high-quality aquacultured coral and invertebrates. As a family-owned and operated small business with over 40 years of combined industry experience, we're committed to providing exceptional livestock, products, and services to our clients.

Our Focus:

We specialize in the growth, propagation, and proper husbandry of research-grade specimens. Our collection is grown from a well-established base of healthy mother colonies, ensuring that all of our livestock meets the highest standards for quality and consistency.

Our Approach:

We're dedicated to sustainability and consistency. That's why 100% of our aquaculture operations are in-house, ensuring that our methods are not only environmentally responsible, but also transparent.


Products & Services

We offer the following services to our customers: 

  • Access to our curated collection of high quality aquacultured livestock and products
  • Professional consulting services for retail store owners
  • Curriculum, classroom, and laboratory design and consulting services for education and research programs
  • Student, educator, and researcher discount accounts are available for qualified individuals

(Note: we maintain a limited amount of commercial wholesale slots availble to a small group of discerning clients in order to enforce sustainability of our mother colonies.)

 We currently have open slots for new wholesale clients! Contact us for more information.

Customer Testimonials:

"Excellent corals, pest free, super healthy frags!"

Mark S. - Owner Ultimate Corals

"Shop with Dr. Bull! Transparent communication, great pricing, and only aquacultured corals without pests! What's not to love?"

Thiel V. - Owner Low Tide Corals (LTC)

"Dr. Bull helped me get my store off the ground, and was my first experience with a wholesaler. I'm grateful he was. Super easy buying experience, amazing corals, and more than fair pricing!"

Nicholas P. - Owner Aqua Culture

"As a LFS operator I cannot say ENOUGH GREAT THINGS about this company! Ethically run, family based business with IMPECCABLE care practices! I recommend 10/10!"

Sarah G. - Owner Well Tank Goodness

"Bull Reef Aquaculture is an incredible outlet for students, educators, and curious minds, as it offers an unparalleled educational experience in sustainable saltwater aquaculture.  Cutting-edge technology and hands-on learning converge while you are developing the skills to maintain your own marine facility of various coral, fish, invertebrates, and other cultured species.  We are looking forward to working with them in the future as our aquatic systems expand in the classroom and beyond."

Mark T. - Technology Manager Bergen County Technical Schools


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