Bull Reef Aquaculture is a family owned and operated state-of-the-art coral aquaculture facility located in Upstate NY. We are a wholesale provider of aquacultured coral to retail aquarium stores, national distributors, public aquariums, schools, and research institutions.

  • Family owned and operated, with over 45 years of industry experience.
  • Wholesale only - ($600.00 minimum order)
  • We are not open to the general public. If you are a hobbyist looking to purchase our corals online please check out: Assunta's Aquatics
  • Large selection of in-house aquacultured SPS, LPS, and Soft coral fragments & colonies grown from a well established collection of healthy mother colonies.
  • Overnight shipping to anywhere in the continental United States.
  • Professional consulting services availble for new and seasoned retail shop owners.